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How to Get The Best Retention and keep your lash clients happy – Find Your Sweet Spot with Lash Assist

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Isn’t it frustrating when something that worked the last time, is not working this time around? Most of the time we think we are doing the same thing but, that is not the case. The same goes for lash work, as even the slightest of variations in the room conditions can alter how your lash session is going to go.

With so much going on in your head, how are you supposed to remember each and every little detail for every previous lash session you had with a particular client?

The answer is simple (and downloadable!), Lash Assist Pro!

How to Use Lash Assist to Fix Retention Issues

It is important for a lash artist to create and maintain conditions (temperature and humidity !) in the work room so as to allow for the glue and the lashes to do their magic perfectly.

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You don’t want to waste your time and the client’s trying to figure out the right working environment. This is something you will have to figure out once, and then make sure it stays that way every time.

With Lash Assist Pro, you can:

• Note down the room’s temperature and humidity 

• Which glue worked right with which client

 • Note down the sweet spot between different glues, temperature and humidity 

• Get a complete history of previous sessions for each client 

• See what works best for the perfect retention

In order to save a client’s information, you can follow the following steps in the Lash Assist Pro app:

1. Open the app and you will be on the home menu 

2. While on the home menu, select CLIENT LIST

3. From here, you will select the client whose info you want to edit 

4. After choosing the client, you select ADD NEW SESSION 

5. Fill in all the information regarding the session in detail 

6. Take a screenshot of the information you fill in 

7. Save the session and you are done!

Different glues work best when certain environmental conditions are met. Therefore, having the correct information is critical for a successful lash job.

How to Pull Reports from the App

Now that you know how to fill out a session report, the following steps will let you know about how to pull a report when you need one.

1. Go to home menu 

2. Select REPORTS 

3. Search by ‘Date Glue Opened’ 

4. Enter the Glue Name 

5. Enter the Date the Glue Bottle was Opened

Once you have filled out the search bars and started the search you will get a list of:

• All the client’s you’ve used the glue on 

• Details on the environment 

• The humidity and temperature during the session 

• Any session notes you may have entered at that time

You can see in the notes if the retention is consistent based on the environmental conditions you have previously set.

With Lash Assist Pro, you can have all this information in a single app, making your lash life so much easier!

Start your free two week trial today: New.lashassistpro.com

Check out the podcast for tips and tricks: Lash Pro Podcast

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