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Stop Disappointing Your Lash Clients! How to Prevent Sending Clients Away Because of Contradictions or Allergies and Protect Your Time with THIS App

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Have you ever had a client with certain allergies or peeves that you wish you had known beforehand? What if they were pregnant and you just found out about that when they entered the salon?

Wouldn’t it have been better if you had known about all this before they came in for the lash work? This is the kind of stuff because of which we started Lash Assist Pro!

must have lash apps for lash artists and techs, eyelash extension training

For Professionals by Professionals

 As a professional lash artist, there is nothing more satisfying than having happy customers. A happy customer is guaranteed to return for more, and, will recommend you to others as well.

In order to help lash artists in that regard, we have designed and developed Lash Assist Pro!

Instead of having clients come in personally and fill out forms, this application allows the forms to be sent via the app directly to the client, where they can fill it out and send it to the lash salon.

There have been so many times when clients have come in with certain allergies or were pregnant. Because of that, they had to be turned away. This can be heart breaking for both the lash artist and the client as it results in loss of time and money.

This kind of situation always arises because clients have to come to the lash salon to fill out the information form. However, all this can be avoided if the information had been received by the lash technician ahead of time.

Save Time, Energy and the Environment

Why waste time and energy writing all the details down on paper. Going through piles and piles of paperwork to find that one file can be tiresome.

Also, the less paper you use, the better it is for the environment as well. You get to not only save yourself the hassle, but also contribute to preventing the cutting down of trees and vegetation in the process.

A Simple Yet Elegant Solution! 

With Lash Assist Pro, you can email your clients their forms to be completed and sent back prior to their appointment. This way, if there are any red‐flags, they can immediately be addressed, resulting in the lash artist and the client saving both time and money.

More importantly, the client won’t leave the salon disappointed because they came all the way and had to go back without getting the lashes. After all, your lash salon is all about customer satisfaction, and Lash Assist Pro helps you to in that regard, perfectly!

Lash Assist Pro has been designed to have an easy and simple UI, User Interface, so it has a minimal learning curve. All you have to do is:

From the home menu:

• Step 1 ‐ Select “send intake form” 

• Step 2 ‐ Input client email and enter

You can easily review the client’s response before the appointment, allowing you to make the necessary preparations for their specific individual needs. This way you can set the right environmental conditions and prepare the right glue for usage during the lash procedure.

Start your free two week trial today: New.lashassistpro.com/register

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